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Hilton Short Hills

Hilton Short Hills - Murray's Iron Works projectFlexible Position Art Display.

Flexible Position Art Display with High Security Mounts

Murray's was requested to provide a security based art display that would be adjustable so that the paintings shown could be easily changed and their locations adjusted to the maximum extent possible. Each post also required an UL Listed adjustable light fixture at the top to illuminate the paintings.

Two areas of the Bill Rooney designed restaurant at Hilton Short Hills in New Jersey had different conditions- at the entrance, the artwork would be on both sides of the mounting posts, while at the back of the restaurant, the artwork would act as a wall feature seen from only one side. Murray's developed the entire system using all in-house produced bronze parts. The framed artwork with mirror at each back could be adjusted right and left as well as up and down so that the flexible positions of the artwork would become an additional artistic element. Any changes in art meant that the holders for the frames had to be adjustable and yet provide security so that the painting could not be removed easily. However, changing the painting and adjusting their positions had to be accomplished easily and quickly without compromising security. Although not easily accomplished, Murray's provided the flexibility to juxtapose and change the locations of the paintings with mirrored backs, adjust the light fixture angles and created a unique security system that would no conflict with easily changing and moving the art. Murray's Art Display adds an additional artistic layer to wonderfully display paintings.

Hilton Short Hills - Murray's Iron Works projectFlexible Position Art Display with High Security System.