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Complicated Signage with Lantern

Complicated Signage with Lantern - Murray's projectDesigner: Katy Naghavi, Atelier Katayon

Murray's was asked to create a street sign for a Hollywood, CA hotel that incorporated a lantern.

In addition to the aesthetics, many factors needed to be considered including UL Listing for the lantern, weight, and installation site conditions. To achieve a high-relief design with a complicated logo, Murray's utilized a combination of in-house capabilities including sand casting original parts (the lion, ribbon, fleur-de-lys and finials) from hand carved originals in combination with water-jet cut-outs (shield, letters and stars). No welding is visible for any of the cut-outs because they are welded from the inside of each face plate rather than the exterior surface. This labor intensive process creates sharp definition for each raised letter without any solder showing and exemplifies the high standards at Murray's.

Complicated   Signage with Lantern - Murray's project

The backplate has a hidden cleat system with a rubber gasket seal to prevent water from entering the electrical system. The ornate crown and LN-157 Wentworth Lantern were hand forged by Murray's Master Blacksmiths. The weight was reduced by creating the double-sided sign in aluminum with all of the remaining structure in hot-dipped zinc galvanized iron for structural strength. The hand-painted scratch and mar resistant combination of contrasting Bronze and Gold exterior finishes, including the interior crown of the lantern, provide the finishing touches to this elegant hand-crafted beautiful sign.